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Marketing materials and web design

Illustrator portrait

The guy on the left is not the only designer we are working with but it is a typical portrait of our designers. A cup of coffee and a digital tablet - and they are working hard to provide you with the right colors, styles, feel, fonts, and consistency.

We have different styles of artists working with us. Some are FeaturePics.com contributors, and we also have staff designers.

Illustrators specialize in food, nature, high-fashion, business, ecology, healthcare, concept creators, holidays, personal events, and graphic designers. There are many different individual styles and different subjects.

We are offering a unique combination of ART and TECH resources.

Boring part, but we need to say it:

Your web site is a reflection of your organization and the design will be an important part of your organization's image. Our designers and other specialists have the experience to provide attractive, creative, solutions that will make your WEB presence a pleasure for your patrons and a point of pride for you.

We have experience in creating web-sites in the following range: From personal websites or a "facelift" of your site, web blogs, corporate websites, educational sites to extensive electronic commerce, collaboration applications and high traffic dynamic content sites.

The end of boring part.

Please find out our "visual" variation of the above statement by checking our Portfolio

Our strong sides

  • Usually web companies have a few designers (or just one) with specific styles, and they are not capable of providing a design in the style that you need.
    We bring our different designers with different styles to provide exactly what you need.
  • When we are talking about e-commerce - we are not just developers with 10 years experience, we are running a heavy e-commerce site by ourselves and know real life problems and their solutions.
  • We can empower specific type of sites with our image API - millions of images to license. When you implement the API, your clients will be able to search our images and illustrations and make product orders, all without leaving your site.
  • We know how to work with custom content. We learned a lot by analyzing millions image descriptions. Our search tool is Microsoft Index server, but our knowledge of the subject is what produces quality search results.
  • We know how to manage terabytes of storage using server farms and clouds. We help our clients to reorganize their data and hardware providing custom procedures to maintain data storage inhouse and in the cloud.
  • We DO NOT offer SEO services nor listings on the first page of Google Search. Probably, you have tons of spam emails offering such services on a daily basis. We know too much about Google Search to fool you. But we are aware of all rules that should be followed to let search engines effectively crawl your web site content and include it in their search results.
  • We know IT. We have been managing small business computer networks and server farms for over twenty years. Do you need a blog set up, or to move an Exchange Server to the cloud, or many other IT tasks? Chances are we have already done that. If we are not the best fit for a particular task, we can help you find an expert in that field.
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"Form follows function — that has been misunderstood.
Form and function should be one,
joined in a spiritual union."
Frank Lloyd Wright
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If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

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