Just a small set of pieces of creative work in the last 2 years:


This web-site has been designed for a highly motivated, experienced nature photographer whose love of the outdoors fuels his passion for photography.

Most sites have a standard menu structure, which we rejected for this site in favor of mixing the menu entries with thumbnails of his photographs.

The sepia images become full-color on mouse-over to underline the entries to his portfolio


It is a stock photography site that we have been working intensively on for over 6 years.

The tip of the iceberg you see on the public site is only 3%-5% of the whole story.

Everything technical about this site has been our work beginning with solar powered host servers and including site health monitoring, managing thousands of gigabytes of image storage, cloud based backups, integration of the front end with QuickBooks, custom procedures to monitor and fight fraud activity, and data analysis to improve ranking and search standing. The end result is one of the most up-to-date technological sites on the web.

OneStopDesignBuild.com, design-build company, San Francisco Bay Area.

"The service is excellent and the personnel I work with are great. No request is out of the question and usually can be accomodated within the current budget and in a reasonable timeframe. Very responsive team and easy company to work with. I enjoy our partnership."

The process of designing custom homes , or commercial projects, produces a different experience for each of our customers. The stages in the process are the same and we are pleased to bring our services to the table at any point of the process.

Credits: images have been licensed from the FeaturePics.com contributors.


The site was created as a project by our favorite fashion intern as part of her education.. She continues reporting good news in different "design" areas. We hope to have her as a successful client in a year or two.


"It was awesome to get feedback and know what was done correctly or wrong (constructive criticism). Everything I learned at Profs has been invaluable... It got me interested in continuing my adventure in fashion design, and , also - how to present myself without 'social media' damage."


This well-known Artist (Leonid Shkipin) has numerous paintings in various private and public collections around the world.

Magic Untouched north Russian nature motifs... White nights... Thousands of lakes all are reflected in this highly talented Artist's life works.

This is a family related site – devoted to the Artist who mentored thousands of students and followers due to his outstanding wisdom, and many years teaching in a school for orphans in Karelia, Russia.

My Crazy Sister Blog

If ever there was a love-hate relationship in this world, it has been between my Sister and me. We are very close in age, and temperament. We are total opposites in politics, values, and outlook. When we were kids, we fought tooth and nail for supremacy in the family circle, yet if someone came close to hurting her, I was all over them like a nasty cold.

The design was provided for my sister's blog.

Rael's Catering

This Rael's Catering design is a template we prepared for a client. It has not yet been developed into a website.

The website will be dedicated to cooking, food recipes, delicious dishes, desserts and beverages.

FeaturePics.com has an awesome collection of food images. Credits: All photographs for this template have been licensed from the Igordutina portfolio

Staging Company

In the last few years, real estate sales have shown marked improvement when the subject Property for sale has been professionally staged.

Staging means to furnish the Property in a fashion to appear as if someone lives in the unit, and has good taste. The object is for a potential buyer to enter a clean, furnished with taste, brightly appointed unit that impresses on the buyer what this home would look like if they were to move in tomorrow. Statistics have proven that a staged unit sells closer to the asking price than a bare walled unit, no matter how well designed.

Credits: images have been licensed from the FeaturePics.com contributors.

Introducing The Novel

Publishing a book has never been so easy, but finding readers is harder than ever. No longer is it necessary to find an agent to sell your genius to the publisher; you don’t even need a publisher. You can do it all yourself at very little or no cost in dollars. Or perhaps you will farm out the details to a publishing service bureau that will do all of the traditional publishing tasks on a time and materials basis. Either way, your masterpiece will be left to compete among thousands of lesser creations.

Graphics are critical to attract the eye, and hook them into at least scanning the initial text, which also has to hook them into reading further, or you are lost.
Read more about cover images for a client's e-books and trade books promotions

Canvas Art Design

Canvas Art Designs' mission is to help people and professionals decorate with beautiful canvas prints at reasonable prices.

The company (CanvasArtDesigns.com) is using FeaturePics API to show an online photo and art gallery of over 2 million canvas prints. There you can find almost any image you are looking for including random niche scenes, abstracts and distant locations and landmarks.

Read more about using API

ClipArt for Holidays

This web site has been implemented by using FeaturePics Web services (API) that provides programmatic access to the FeaturePics Image Collection.

  • Search API (search images, show most recent images, retrieve image details)
  • e-Commerce API (purchase images)
  • Custom API to manage Holidays list
It is a good example of using FeaturePics API Image Collection by subject and showing images in layouts suitable for your site design.

Read more about using API

Like This Map

This is a small game type application of directly recording how happy users report themselves to be. It asks people how happy they are and records their answer by location based on their IP address.

The site doesn't pretend to be a "study" and cannot be used in predicting health and welfare outcomes.

It is just for fun!


Imper Solutions

We have available a variety of our business templates in our portfolio for consultants, businesses, and corporations.

We licensed all photographs for this particular template from the Sergey Nivens portfolio.

We develop such website templates for use by businesses looking to create a professional looking web presence and authority without breaking the bank.

Cartoon Blog

Cartoon characters are suitable not only for kids blogs and cartoon fans.

This particular blog’s purpose is to answer "When-Why-How" to start a business.

In addition to cartoon characters, we are designing handy custom web icons when we work with your site. These small elements are important to increase usability of the site.

High Fashion

It is an unimplemented template.

Some images can spark an emotional connection and give you an idea how your web site will look like. Our Art Director was inspired for this template by Gromovataya portfolio.

Interior Decor Design

This "how-to" website encourages readers to “update and decorate".

The decorator picked-up the images from featurePics.com portfolio to address her particular favorite style in the interior decor.

Our client is working on her own professional portfolio that will be included into the "show case".

Credits: images have been licensed from the Slidezero portfolio.

Illustrative design

Our Art Director, Ilya Shkipin, graduated from San Francisco Art Academy in 2012.
Here are just a few "snapshots" to show his artistic directions.
Expressionism - a little bit weird from our web-designers' point of view
Classic - we can live with these from our web-designers' point of view
Book covers - illustrations for books he delivered

Ilya is exhibiting his illustrations in the Academy of Art in San Francisco and planning his exhibition in the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators. The most exciting news for us - he provided the design for our site and signed an agreement to work with us for future requests.


It is not artistic, but it is a very important part of the majority of our sites.

Our electronic commerce solutions range from ordering "digital" content for immediate online consumption, to ordering conventional goods and services.

What do you need to have an online store?

E-Commerce complex solutions

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