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Online database and QuickBooks integration

Online database and QuickBooks integration illustration

If you are planning to build your own e-commerce site, it is guaranteed, you will be at the point when you need to share your online database data with your accounting database. In our case we are using QuickBooks for accounting. You will need to pull some specific data from your online database and convert them into specific transaction types such as vendors, payments, sale orders, invoices, etc.

Our existing process is:
1. Define financial data that needs to be integrated. This step is done once, or as often as either set of records changes.
2. Extract specific data from the online database in the xml format (QuickBooks SDK can read XML based records).
This is done by providing the SQL query statement that extracts the records from the source database and converts the data.
3. Map each field from the source database to the corresponding field in QuickBooks and don’t forget the “unique key” fields that would be a basis to recognize the unique entries.
4. Validate these records, then transfer them into the QuickBooks database

We were asked several times if it is possible to use QuickBooks as the database for your web application? The answer is “no”. QB is designed to process very specific data and cannot serve both functions. There are other possible approaches to sharing this data, but the “extract, validate, import” technique works well. We perform this step monthly, but if you need more up-to-date accounting data, it would be feasible to run the process more frequently.

We have programmers and financial specialists who understand both sides of this process and it works well for us. We process thousands of entries each month, and we would be happy to help you do the same.

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