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Personalization can delight your customers!

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You don't need to ask your visitors "where are you from?" There are some techniques to find:

  • Where they come from (referred by another website or from a search site such Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • What country
  • What US state

Your visitors don't need to login and answer the above questions – you can find this information as soon as they land on your site.
This information can be very useful to start your dialogue with a potential customer early.
A simple example – you are a travel site and you know your visitor is from Alaska; maybe it would make sense to sort your travel destinations and offer first “tropical” options.

New visitors/returning visitors – You have this information, or you can have. Possibly you would provide different offers for new and returning visitors and thereby increase your success rate.

You can take advantage of aggregated behavioral data, which means watching patterns such as those that viewed this, also viewed that. This kind of pattern information can help you to make recommendations more “personal” and increase the chance of you making the sale.
Once you know your different target groups and their behaviors, you can adjust the existing content and calls to action for the specific target group.

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