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FeaturePics Enrolls Customers with New API Imaging Solutions

March 2, 2013

Internet companies engage new markets by taking advantage of API digital solutions with FeaturePics

Fremont, California - February 2, 2013 – To stay competitive among today’s cutting edge technologies, Internet-based companies must always look for new solutions to advance market share at the core of their business and seek new ways to deliver digital content products on a wider scale

FeaturePics gives Internet-based companies effective API tools and technology they need to fully implement imaging solutions, while taking advantage of FeaturePics’ optimized imaging operations and integrating digital solutions within the customer’s existing framework. The approach provides for seamless customer experience without a need for costly digital content database investment.

"FeaturePics is in a unique position as a digital retailer and a web development consulting firm. We are able to help a wide range of Internet-based companies to integrate content and enhance experience for their customers across a variety of markets" said Elena Orel, Development Leader at FeaturePics.

FeaturePics provides unprecedented access to its digital image database allowing customers to benefit from a wide assortment of digital content. API integration is ideal for clients who are looking to be able to search images and illustrations and originate orders thru their own web site. FeaturePics customers have a broad selection of API tools including advertising directories and web templates, as well as full support of XML/HTTP/JSON formats allowing them to interact programmatically with the FeaturePics image collection.

FeaturePics API technologies enable retailers to deliver a complete shopping experience through search-based e-commerce, including digital content such as Ebooks, Art prints, Software, Trade books, and Email marketing. Effective utilization of API technology has proved itself in helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency while successfully meeting needs of the complex digital consumer market.

"FeaturePics provides a strong consumer experience through its API integration," Elena said. "The technologies we offer serve a unique purpose helping well-established and emerging companies strive in the digital content market through their partnership with us."

More information about how Internet-based companies are partnering with FeaturePics technology is available on www.FeaturePics.com About FeaturePics.com

Founded in 2000, FeaturePics.com a stock photography web site that provides images for the design industry and helps people and businesses realize the full extent of their creative options. To learn more about FeaturePics.com, please visit http://www.FeaturePics.com

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