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Web Site Health Monitoring

Web Site Health Monitoring illustration

If you are running an e-commerce site you want to be sure it is available 24/7. We can provide you with a simple monitoring tool that will perform a call to your phone when your server/site is down.

Messages are by your choice: to your phone system, email, SMS.

We don't cancel warning phone calls during the night time for our own sites, but you can adjust the monitoring timing system so you have good sleep hours.

Please don't be confused by the illustration. We don't do the monitoring "manually".

Site and Data Analytics

Site and Data Analytics illustration

The importance of knowing and understanding who is coming to your site is high. You will need tools providing you with website analytics. There are lots of tools out there including free ones such Google Analytics, Clicky, GoingUp, etc.

Most likely you will need additional tools to track your own custom parameters to keep eyes on your daily traffic, unusual activity, source of traffic, traffic geography, and possibly others.

The point is that when you have information you want to analyze there are simple visualization tools to present these data for maximum impact.

Per your request we will provide reports ranging from simple line charts to complex maps. Populating your data is easy when you have your data.

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